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It's been nearly two weeks since the raid on the Muslim-extremist compound in Amalia, where authorities arrested five adults and rescued 11 starving children, ages 1 to 15, living in "Third-World" conditions. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have taken custody of one of the women arrested at the Muslim-extremist compound in New Mexico, according to the Taos County Sheriff's Office. Police suggested the group were Muslim extremists preparing an attack by teaching the older kids how to shoot and reload at their homemade firing range. Defense attorneys say the group members who built the compound in Amalia, New Mexico, were simply exercising their Constitutional rights to possess firearms and freely practice their religion. Judge Sarah Backus later ruled each adult could be released if they can post bond and agree to adhere to strict conditions. Backus said prosecutors failed to show the group posed an immediate danger, despite the toddler's death amidst what she called deplorable conditions. Police and prosecutors say the group was led by Jany Leveille, 35, who believed the boy would be reincarnated to attack banks, schools and government agencies, an FBI agent testified. Police took the 11 kids into protective custody from the compound after an Aug. Police say the other children told them Abdul Ghani died sometime this spring following a seizure. Because he was already wanted on a Georgia kidnapping warrant, Wahhaj may be kept in custody instead of being released with his family members.

Meet the Muslim Women Studying at Oxbridge: Amaliah Writes Written by someone from Team Amaliah. Written by someone from Team Amaliah. Amaliah Spoke to the young Muslim women studying at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge universities. Meeting a diverse group of friends who are all open-minded, respectful and aware of different cultures, boundaries and privilege. Feeling as though I single-handedly had to represent the Muslim community in order to disprove the media narrative of Islam.

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I slasher mery assalammualaikum 35 years old good women moesliem from indonesia country,i slasher simple women,loyal,humble and really loving God do we stop? Because i slasher women how the way you love and respect your mother how the way too you must respect to women. Muslim Matrimonials Women Marriage Indonesian. Women do not want to share. Women are naturally jealous beings and want to be the only girl in the picture. In a polygamous marriage, there would inevitably be favourites, causing A LOT of negative feelings between the women. Polygamy has been practiced from a very early time all over the world, especially in Muslim counties. Women have an established list of needs that actually would be impossible to meet in a polygamist marriage. Polygamy also is almost never polyandry women with multiple husbands. So although a polygamist marriage would satisfy these types of men, it would enrage women. I personally had remarks from a former boss about henna graphics on my hand he told me "to never come again with muslim things that might offense the feelings of clients" unfortunately in France and Belgium people always say that to never "shock" your neighbor you should never expose your faith, any faith that is not of the "natives". He even brought me to meet clients, which sometimes would raise many eyebrows at least that's what I felt. I've traveled to Sydney and I surprisingly saw many hijabi women working in foodcourts unlike in Brisbane. The Netherlands is more acceptable to hijabi women compared to Australia although I have to say, the acceptability is decreasing due to Geert Wilders I have a Dutch friend who is a convert and has just decided to wear a hijab.

Meet Muslim Women in Granja Amalia
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